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Trucks are the biggest, most powerful vehicles you can drive on a highway. Monster trucks are a type of truck that isn't used to carry things. Instead, there's a whole sport that developed around these modified pick-up trucks with huge wheels and suspension. Monster trucks are very popular; they can compete in races, or simply used to crush smaller vehicles under their wheels. These truck games will offer you all the excitement of a truck rally, and more, because you have the possibility of controlling the trucks, not just watching them.

The truck games on this page will let you play with several types of trucks. You can go on a rampage on the highway, dodging and shooting enemy tanks, or go on a fantastic race on many difficult levels. The truck games require good reflexes, but the main point of the games is usually to cause as much destruction as you can. You are not in real life, so you don't have to worry about consequences of running over a smaller car. These truck games are a great way to relieve the stress of day to day life, so why not wreak some havoc on the virtual streets?

You can drive as fast and unsafe as you want, these truck games don't have any strict rules. You just have to concentrate on being the fastest, meanest, most dangerous racer on the track. So take some time off and relax with one of these exciting truck games!