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If truck games make you think about power and other similar things that place you above the rest of the people, monster truck games will definitely cause a small feeling of fear and pleasure in the same time, but generally speaking, big things make us feel panicked, but when it comes about driving monster trucks, the situation changes completely. Nothing compares to this extraordinary feeling of driving a monster with wheels. How many times have you dreamt being a monster truck driver while watching trucks going on hills, crushing and destroying small cars? As a girl, I watched an impressive competition of monster truck games in which the drivers had to break small cars into pieces; a fact that took my breath away and gave me shivers.

Don’t even dare postpone playing monster truck games, more precisely monster truck games online because nothing compares to its beauty and charm! You should try the following monster truck games online: Monster Truck Madness, 4 Seasons Easy Truck, 4 Wheel Madness, Big Truck Adventures, Buggy Monster Madness, Bush Rampage, Crazy Mustang, Crusher Tank, Demolish Truck, Extreme Jumper, Escape from Hell or Grand Truck Game.

We can recommend you Monster Truck Madness because the name of this monster truck game has a deep impact or a strong resonance for the player. This monster truck game was developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft in 1996 and is also known as Heavy Metal Truck. This great monster truck game allows the player to select one of the 12 real life monster trucks and compete with the players in one of four modes: drag, circuit, rally and tournament. Also, human players can race against each other through DirectPlay. Considering the rally racing mode, in this monster truck game online the rallies have no more than 7 opponents. The rallies included are: Arizona, Highlands Rally, Yucatan Adventure and Snowy Canion. As for the available trucks-because this was the thing you are most interested in - you can choose between: Overkill, Boogey Van, Overkill, Rampage, Power Wheels Bigfoot, Snake Bite, Grave Digger, Wildfoot, Bearfoot, Bigfoot, Carolina Crusher or Samson. If I didn’t mention some of the monster truck games online I admit I did it on purpose as you should get involved in the game and figure them out! So let’s not waste the time in vain anymore and let’s start the race to see who beats who! Ready, steady, go!