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As you can imagine, drifting games represent a corollary of racing games, more precisely they are a racing technique based on a car’s steering ability to achieve side way movement. Although there have been many people keen on racing games, we must emphasize the fact that the Japanese were the first to make this concept a sport that quickly spread worldwide. There is also a movie entitled “Tokyo Drift” which personifies the above mentioned concept. A common technique used in drifting is braking the car by pulling the emergency brake which locks the car’s back wheels; therefore the car loses traction in this case, and, consequently, the car will slide.

Still, when we play drifting games we completely forget about the manoeuvres we should make or, more than this, about the risk involved. Why?! Because there is no risk as long as you stand in front of you PC and drive without any concern. Anyway, if we were to take into account one risk, this would be focused on our competitors. In many online drifting games you can have a break anytime you desire. In real life, you have to become acquainted with racing a car professionally first before you start using drafting techniques. A sudden drift is the result of accelerating on a sharp corner and then over-steering very fast; obviously, over-steering refers to turning your steering wheel more than is needed.

On the other hand, drifting techniques prove to be very dangerous even for the experienced ones. The good part is that virtual drifting games cannot harm you even if you are a novice, and consequently, give you more reasons to start over. If you lose control you have innumerable possibilities to start the races again, changing your car type, its colour, wheels, the routes, the drivers, the weather and so on, and even your feelings will be different every time. You can even play for free and you are also allowed to download drifting games from the Internet. Some examples of drifting games include: Project Gotham, Enthusia Professional racing, Ridge Racer, King of Drift, Demolition drifters and many others.
Once you started playing drifting games means that (despite the fact that you do not have enough spare time) you like action. Even if you might not believe this, but experience in this area will help you to be more careful almost everywhere and anytime; better to say – it will test your spontaneity.