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Certainly, real live brings us situations in which driving a bus involves more responsibility as we are not talking only about the driver, but also about other people’s lives. Despite this, driving a bus, as well as driving a truck offers a feeling of safety rather than driving a small car. Still, bus drivers’ skills require more precision, attention and accuracy as compared to controlling regular automobiles. Imagine that the task in this case is much harder due to the fact that you will never know who is getting on your bus and every time you have a strange feeling about this. But when it comes about bus games, the situation changes completely, especially when you think that in a bus game online all you have to do is gain control over your keyboard.

With bus games you can try things you would never think of in real situations, such as turning at high speeds so that the passengers will fall out of the bus. For instance in some bus games online if passengers fall out of the bus or if people and objects are hit by each other, the game ends all of a sudden. In other bus games online you will get extra points or tickets, or, better than this, if you manage to complete a certain number of levels, you will get a license. Some other bus games offer you the freedom to pick up or to drop off the passengers. The game is over only when you accumulate damage points as a result of hitting different obstacles such as buildings, other vehicles, people, animals or trees.

Here are a few bus games online for you to play: Knight Bus Driving Game, London Bus, Megabus Megaride, School Bus License, Symphonic Bus Tour, Monster Bus Rampage, Rough Roads, American Bus, School Bus Scramble, Scania Driver, Heels ‘n’ Wheels. As I was trying to play some of these bus games I found it really difficult even if we are talking about level-1 games. The answer is everyday exercise, driving and competing even with oneself. There are countless types of buses and you won’t find it easy to choose the one you like the most because bus games online are mostly designed to transform you into a hypnotized virtual driver. Have a little fun with the latest bus games as we are so curious to know your opinion and preferences as soon as possible!