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Riding a motorbike gives you a complete sense of freedom. If you like independence and feeling the rush of the wind while you speed down the auto route, you will definitely enjoy these motorbike games. A motorbike is a complex vehicle, and it is more versatile than a car. It can be used for travelling long distance, for navigating in busy traffic and, of course, for racing. Motorbikes can be really expensive too, so why not play motorbike games instead?

On this site you have a wide selection of motorbike games you can choose from or you can even try some new bike games. Motocross is a really exciting sport, but it is also quite dangerous. If you're not ready to try it yet in real life, you can start practicing it by playing one of these motorbike games. Freestyle motocross requires a lot of dexterity and years of experience, but don't worry, you can experience all the excitement of a motocross race and dangerous freestyle jumps right from your computer chair. You don't have to concern yourself with avoiding injuries or wrecking your motorbike, these motorbike racing games are virtual, so you can replay them as many times as you want.

Each of these games comes with different instructions. Just click on the thumbnail to go to each motorbike game's individual page. Just use your keyboard to control the movements of your bike and try to score as high as you can. Don't get discouraged if you don't win at the first try, just bookmark the page and play it again and again until you become an expert!

So lean back in your chair, take a good hold on your keyboard, focus, and play!