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You like speed and rocky landscapes but still you don’t have money to buy a car to travel a lot and, worse than that, you cannot even afford buying 3D glasses? Have you heard about ATV games? I’m convinced you have! They will surely impress you because you have the possibility to try different categories: from slippery tracks to rocky or muddy tracks. Here are a couple of online ATV games for you to play: ATV Offroad Fury, Snow Blitz, Winter ATV, Uphill Rush, Stunt Dirt Bike, 4 Wheel Fury, Stunt Bike Pro, Military Rush, ATV Extreme, ATV Blitz, Jungle ATV, Mountain ATV, Monster ATV and many others.

Online ATV games have a special feature: they combine car games, motorcycle games and bicycle games, creating a 4-wheel monster which would climb hills and mountains with no difficulty. One of the most often played ATV game is ATV Offroad Fury which was released in 2001. The online ATV game series includes the Splashdown series, MX Unleashed and Motocross Madness. The ATV game itself is quite easy to play and it has three main sections that change as the game proceeds.

In such online ATV games such as ATV Offroad Furry, the player can choose between no less than 12 types of all-terrain vehicle and race on 20 various tracks in a variety of types, including Freestyle, Training, Cross County Endurance, Pro Career and so on. Of course, similar to other good series, ATV games such as ATV Offroad Fury has 4 parts (games). ATV Offroad Fury 2 was released in 2002 and definitely expands its predecessor as it features more ATVs, mini-games or championships. As the game goes on, more tricks are discovered. ATV Offroad Fury 3 has improved graphics, physics and more customized options, while ATV Offroad Fury 4, released in 2006, introduced new vehicles like MX motorcycles, Trophy Trucks and Dune Buggies. This online ATV game includes up to 50 championships modes.

Obviously, the best for you is to get informed about the games you intend to play on different forum groups because not all ATV games are the same. I am saying this because you would see labels as “boring”, “ugly”, “horrible”, “incomplete” or “nice”, “pretty”, “awesome”, “fantastic”, “extraordinary” and not only. But in case you select some of the latest ATV games you can be positive you will be thrilled. Why should we waste precious time? Let’s start playing!