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Do you like to live your life on the fast lane, as if every day might be your last? Then online car games are the perfect choice. Even though we can't pretend that we're in a car race every time we go grocery shopping, I'm sure there's a speed addict hidden in each of us. With these brand new car games you don't need a brand-new car to become the king of the highway. Safety is essential in real life, but when playing car games you can chuck it out on the window! Try one of these exciting car games and let the speed take over your mind. If you like car games I'm sure you like to play parking games also were you might even learn a few useful tips, but on the other hand if you're an experienced driver, these free parking games will be a piece of cake for you.

You probably saw the hit movie Gone in 60 seconds , and I'm sure you just couldn't take your eyes off all those shiny wheels. Here's your chance to drive a Porsche or Ferrari, and to feel the excitement of a car race! If professional racing is your thing, give it a go with some of the best NASCAR games on the Internet. If you prefer fair-play, the Reach the goal car game will be perfect for you. Race against time and your opponents to win the game. If you play the Russian Jeep game you'll be in for some real excitement: you have to shoot down enemy helicopters while dodging bombs and driving at the same time. For other car games please have a look through our racing games categories in the left menu.

The Mo bike game will definitely give some thrills even to the most avid freestyle motocross fans – it's one of the most popular motocross games out there. If you're into car tuning, try the Blue Demon Car and Convertible Supercar games. In Glamour Parking car game you get to play the role of a hotel employee who has to park cars without scratching them, or else he'll lose his job. So choose the car gamse you like and spend an afternoon in the world of fast and sleek race cars! And don't worry, all the car games we host on HyperCarGames.com are high quality and are family friendly. So go on, race some expensive cars or try some quick and fun kart games and just have a blast!

And if you ever get tired of racing around you may also want to try a couple of girl games and dressup games an get in touch with your gentler side : ) Also please read our privacy policy before using the website. Have Fun!!!